Thursday, July 11, 2013

Accounting Internship at PwC... by anonymous student

A summer internship is a great way to ease into the accounting business. Engagement teams have had time to cool down from the busy season and the PwC employees are eager to meet their interns. There is still plenty of work to do but there are also a lot of great team building activities and events. These can be community service projects at Harvesters or the Kansas City Zoo, Promotion Day, and happy hour at some of the nearby restaurants.
If one is looking for an internship at any public accounting firm, it is important to plan ahead. Even as a sophomore or junior it is not too early to start looking into programs like PwC’s Elevate. This is a two-day interview process which I completed the summer before my senior year, a year before the start of my internship. It really helped me learn about PwC, their people and the atmosphere of a public accounting firm. Several of the people at PwC who I met at Elevate are now some of my colleagues and it really helps to have those established relationships.
An internship at PwC is an experience of a lifetime. It will provide any willing person with the opportunity to learn from some of the best accountants in the business. One of the unique parts of working at PwC is the people; they are excited to answer all my questions. Selecting samples, performing tests and documenting work is much different when on a client site, as compared to sitting in an audit class. In an audit class it is common to learn about all the tests, such as statistical tests or non-statistical, but at PwC you get to apply the knowledge which you have learned in school. The biggest difference is the interaction with the client, such as asking for supporting documentation or completing a walkthrough of a control. As an auditor, it is not uncommon to spend most of your time in the office of several different clients. It is important to have a positive attitude which can help in the timeliness of obtaining documents and evidence as quick as possible. - anonymous student

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