Thursday, April 24, 2014

Intern at DST Systems

I am Paulina Chávez, a current Senior at Rockhurst University working at an internship at DST Systems in downtown Kansas City, Missouri. I will graduate in May with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in International Business and a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish. I am excited to graduate in order to be able to fully immerse myself in attaining my career goals.
I first discovered DST Systems in 2011 while browsing the Career Services student jobs website. I applied and got the job 3 months later as a Mutual Funds Part-Time Processor. As my schedule changed throughout my college career, DST has been willing to work with me to come in at the best time that works for me. I chose to study abroad three times throughout my college career and they were willing and able to grant me a leave of absence for each time.

I love having my own space even though I'm only a part-time intern. Along with that, they have provided me with coaching sessions personalized for my own career development with the recruiters from Human Resources. I have had plenty of networking opportunities through the monthly donut or cupcake socials organized by the Engagement Committee. I am currently scheduling meetings with my superiors to see what my options will be at DST after I graduate from college. The meetings I have already had have been very positive and I could definitely see myself staying in a new position within the company for the start of an exciting career!

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