Friday, March 27, 2015

An Update From Spring 2015 Interns

Emily DeVore - Senior - Biology Major
Working at Metropolitan Energy Center as a Clean Cities Intern gives me the opportunity to develop a multitude of business skills, learn how a non-profit company works, and learn about alternative fuels.

Piotr Drwal - Senior - Economics Major
This is my team. I continue to learn a vast amount of information about the fuel business. For the past two weeks I was working on projects where I dialed around 300 companies and did some sort of business and customer service. I am working on my own projects and assist my colleagues with foreign clients that have preference in using either Polish or Spanish language.

 Chase Sorrick - Senior - Biochemistry Major
My internship at a law firm includes a lot of behind-the-scenes work that is not seen in the court. In this picture I am preparing an expert testimony notebook for use in a trial next week. A notebook like this would be used to cross-examine an expert witness. It would include prior testimony in an attempt to get the witness to contradict himself/herself.

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