Thursday, December 3, 2015

Fall 2015 Co-op Students

Christopher Stegall – Senior – Accounting
My internship at CACTUS Software has allowed me to learn a lot about state sales and income taxes! I'm about to walk into the office to calculate our sales tax liability in various states.

Sarah Czirr – Junior – Marketing / Jacob Weibel – Junior – Marketing
We work with the Google Community Leaders Program that is aimed at closing the digital divide in Kansas City. Their partnership with Literacy KC allows us to work directly with those who are underprivileged and do not have access to technology at home. We specialize in teaching them how to use online tools such as Google apps to help further their personal and professional growth. Here we are pictured in front of one of the many Google Fiber screens at the Google Fiber Space.

Brian McAuliffe – Senior – Business Administration
For the past six months I have been a Business Apprentice at Cerner Corporation in the Contract Management Operations Department. We are responsible for all of the contracts that are sent out to get signed by clients and then signed back here by executives. Every day I am able to connect with clients and other Cerner Associates all around the globe. It has truly been a learning experience that has helped me gain a greater understanding of the business world. Cerner Corporation is a great company and I am glad to have been given the opportunity to intern here.

Will Bockmeyer – Junior – Accounting
Working at a law firm allows me to get familiar with the data bases that are used on a day to day basis. Here I am searching the NetDocs data base.

Carolina Tines – Senior – English
My time at Uhlig LLC has been a great experience. I’ve had the opportunity to work with people who, like me, love the English language. I love the chance to network with interesting people while improving my proofreading skills.



Ruby Moore – Senior – Psychology
This is a typical day at Ozanam. I am interning as a Family and Youth Specialist. Part of my job is ensuring safety among each client. 98% of my day entails keeping everyone safe, from making sure everyone gets off of the bus safely when I come in on my shift, resolving conflicts, protecting the privacy of each client, all the way to checking rooms once everyone is in bed at night. Each night before we leave, we are responsible for going to rooms and checking on clients every 15 minutes. We have a checklist on every client’s door, and we check it off each time as verification.



Katelyn Edgar – Senior – Accounting
As part of the State Street internship, we are invited to give back. We spent a Friday afternoon volunteering at the Habitat Restore. Throughout the day, we were divided into teams and worked on a variety of different tasks for the company.  I enjoyed getting to know a little bit more about myself, my coworkers, as well as giving back to the community. 

Brett Basler – Senior – Accounting
With my internship, I am presented with a new and unique challenge every day. I have learned many new business and life skills throughout my exciting internship!

Tyrone Blackmon – Senior – Accounting
My internship with H&R Block is great because it allows me to affect people on a global scale. I work with the Expat Tax Services department and am able to do taxes for US Citizens living abroad.

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