Friday, November 22, 2013

What Fall 2013 Interns Are Saying


Here is an update from some of our interns in the Cooperative Education Program this semester. Students either submitted a photo with caption or a reflective statement about their experience.
Here I am targeting prospective clients who are within 5 to 10 years from retiring to send out introductory information explaining who we are and what we do – John Bahlinger
It is great to see that the extra effort I have put forth in my finance courses has paid off. The new insight I have acquired in the last couple of weeks is that the task assigned does not have to be overly complex or challenging for me to learn from it. The simplest of assignments can be great learning opportunities, as I can always take a closer look. – Rodolfo Guato-Mariotti
 Working on my 11am deadline – Loreno Llano 

I am sitting at my desk in a downtown loft. In the photo, I am working playoff ticket sales
 –James Malle

My internship gives me the ability to use the knowledge I've gained at Rockhurst in a real world setting
 – Margaret O’Connor

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