Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Building a Network with LinkedIn

Do you know there are several ways you can use LinkedIn to directly connect with employer contacts in the work place?  Here are a few things to consider. 

When you are on the main page, click on the Advanced button on the top line of the menu bar.  From there you will see a variety of options.  On the left hand column you will see various fields that you can use when searching for connections.  For example, keywords, first name, last name, etc.  What I like to use are company and school.  Type the name of an organization and insert Rockhurst University in the school field.  A list of Rockhurst University alumni and/or former employees who are/have been employed with that organization will show.  What is better than connecting with someone who shares a like experience with you? 

Introduce yourself to your possible connections and start a dialogue, ask them to connect with you.  Remember, this is the first step.  Do not rush or be pushy.  You are wanting to gain insight on the organization to see if this might be a good fit for you.  Ask questions about the company culture, entry-level opportunities, tips on networking with others, etc.  As the conversation progresses, see if they might be interested in helping you connect with human resources.  Each person you connect with respond differently, do not be surprised if you do not hear back from someone.  Do not take it personally … it’s just business.   

Use all of the features on LinkedIn to your advantage and start making your career connections today!

Submitted by Mike Theobald

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