Friday, February 21, 2014

Introducing Yourself at a Career Fair

When you go to a career fair, job interview or meet with a potential employer impromptu, you will be expected to introduce yourself and be able to talk about your strengths. Commonly referred to as the elevator pitch, this is a 30-60 spiel on who you are, and what your unique skills and abilities are. Imagine you are in an elevator and a hiring manager or top person in the company steps in with you, and you only have the time it takes for this person to get to their destination to make an impression.

This gives you a chance to tell YOUR story. What sets you apart? What unique experiences have you had and what did you learn from them? What are your strongest skills? What made you decide on the major or career path you chose? These are some of the questions you can ask yourself when developing your pitch. It is much easier to have this on hand, ready to go when you need it, rather than waiting until you are in a situation with a potential employer. Whether it be a chance encounter or a networking/career event, your initial introduction gives you a chance to make a memorable impression.

Here is an example of a pitch at a career fair:

Hi, I’m Sarah Smith. I am a junior studying accounting. I have been interested in financial analysis, numbers and strategic planning ever since I took a business course in high school. I have always excelled in mathematics and currently maintain a 3.65 GPA in my major. Does your company offer internships in this field?

For examples, watch this video

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