Thursday, July 31, 2014

What Summer Interns Are Saying

This is me at the Royals game with my supervisor. As a research intern at Cassidy Turley, my responsibility is to keep the real estate data up to date. I assist my supervisor, a director of research, to complete the report for the apartment market. I'm usually at her office asking questions, but once in a while all the colleagues socialize and enjoy the time by watching either a Royals game or the World Cup. - Min An 
 Each morning I am surprisingly happy to be rolling out of bed at 5:30 a.m. I don’t think many people can say that. To be able to write about sports would be an incredible career. I am extremely lucky to have been able to work for InsideSTL Enterprises, and honestly, wish I could keep coming in for the remainder of the semester. I have had countless experiences that I will never forget and I’m certain that I will remain friends with those who I have developed relationships with. - Matthew Hollman
My name is Alexis Bolin and I am a current senior at Rockhurst University. I will graduate in May 2015 with a double major in Psychology and Communications. This internship has made me realize that I could see myself doing this as a career. It has allowed me to apply things that I have learned in the classroom to real world work experience. I have met a lot of influential people through this internship and have made many valuable connections. All of the press releases I have written have been featured in magazines and newspapers throughout the local area. I have learned a lot of things about myself through working this internship. I learned that I am a better writer than I originally thought I was. Some tips I would give to students wanting to obtain an internship would be to use any connections you have (family, friends, etc.) because you never know who may know of something. Overall, this internship at the City of Weldon Spring has been so much fun and I have really learned a lot about the public relations field. It has given me an opportunity to grow as a professional and has given me skills that I can use in my future career. - Alexis Bolin

This is me working at our truck scale. Here I weigh retail and wholesale customer's scrap metal. My internship allows me to interact with each customer face to face and discuss what commodities they want to sell. It is a great opportunity to know each customer on a first name basis. - Nathan Messmer
 This summer I took an internship at the Hamilton Retirement Planning Group at Morgan Stanley as a marketing intern. Each day may vary in the amount of tasks I complete. Some days when the FA’s are out of the office on meetings, I may not have many tasks to do, but on other days I can be filled with work. Overall, my experience has been wonderful, and I enjoy working with my team. My advice that I would give to other students is to definitely try an internship during their college years. An internship is a great way to confirm or deny whether they are on the right path or not. Having this experience has helped me confirm that I want to stay in marketing. Not all positions are what you expect when you go into them. It is a learning opportunity and this position has helped me grow as a person in my career. - Briana Bondon

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