Monday, July 20, 2015

An Intern's Inside View at State Street... by Andrew Rice

An Intern's Inside View at State Street
by Andrew Rice, Senior, Finance & Accounting Major

I am one the newest interns assigned to the Security Valuations Team at State Street. As a student in the Helzberg School of Management at Rockhurst University, I hold a natural inclination towards working in the financial industry. State Street appealed to me because of their global presence in the financial services industry, their rich history which dates back to the founding of America, and their immaculate willingness to be flexible around my course schedule.

I work part-time in the evenings from 2 to 6 p.m. When I first get to the office, there is plenty of time for me to settle in and set up for the work-day. I use this time to read emails, complete training requirements, and get coffee or make inquiries about work processes. My tasks begin at 2:30 where I begin the process of pricing security funds through the use of multiple programs. The night usually consists of completing a task and sending off reports to another team as well as receiving reports from other teams. This creates a sort-of financial assembly line that allows State Street to effectively and efficiently serve a large volume of clients. The job itself sheds a lot of light about the inner workings of the financial markets and has allowed me to better understand where I see myself managing my career in the industry.

Getting an internship is quintessential to landing your perfect entry-level job out of college. The willingness to show an employer that you are devoted enough to go beyond collegiate requirements and seek out responsibilities in your chosen industry will certainly strengthen your resume. This is something most college students understand, but how do you get from inspired to hired? Fellow Rockhurst students seeking to land an internship are in great luck! Career Services at Rockhurst University is staffed with the most knowledgeable, helpful, and motivated professionals who would love nothing more than to have you get the most out of your education. If your interested in learning more about internship opportunities than contact Career Services today!

My overall experience with State Street has been beyond pleasurable. I’ve gotten a hands-on and inside look at how financial services works to serve their clients. I’ve also built myself into a better team player by working in a relaxed corporate environment with a great group that’s eager to teach. The only thing I wish I could have done different with my internship experience is applied sooner.

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