Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Summer Co-op Students Reflect On Their Internships

  Davies Sitenta - Junior - Global Studies
Working at the world headquarters of People to People International has broadened my insight about keeping a nonprofit organization sustainable and effective in achieving its mission. Here, I was entering our donor’s information in the database which was later used in the PTPI annual report. I work in a diverse working setting which makes it quite unique. Everyone brings their own touch to the work atmosphere and the organization at large.

Decho Valev – Junior – Accounting
My internship as a financial analyst allows me to help middle class families with their life coverage. Additionally, I have the responsibility of recruiting people who are sharp, motivated and coachable. Here I am standing in front of the company logo, inside the suite of the working place.

Duncan Preston – Junior – Economics
Each year Northwestern Mutual comes together in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for what's known as The Annual Meeting. In 2015 I was blessed in being recognized as one of five "Top 5 CFR's" in the United States. This picture was taken at The Annual Meeting with my Kansas City team.
Jake Jansen - Senior - Physics
This picture is from an important meeting today for an upcoming engineering project. Today was our "60 day out" meeting, meaning we are 60 days away from start time of the job. It went really well but I still have a ton of work to do before the start time comes into vision.
Mitchell Baum – Junior – Accounting
My internship at Daniel Jones & Associates has given me an incredible insight to the inner workings of accounting for school districts, local governments, and nonprofit organizations. Having no experience in an audit at first, Daniel Jones & Associates helped me in a crash course on audits for different types of organizations. This picture depicts me in front of my current audit project, a local St. Louis nonprofit organization. I'm very thankful that I was given this amazing opportunity for practical experience in my major's field.

Sarah Cook – Junior – Accounting
The accounting firm I worked for this summer values the importance of teamwork in all projects we complete.  Christy and I were able to work together to input data and prepare financial documents for our clients.  She, as well as my other co-workers, helped me immensely throughout the entirety of the summer, answering questions and teaching me things that might not necessarily be taught in a classroom. 

Thomas Cargile – Senior – Accounting
Softball league champs! Softball has been a great tool to help me network and get to know my coworkers at my internship. It is also a lot of fun when you are winning!

Tyler Corlew – Junior – Marketing
My internship with All Systems and Sphere3 (an affiliate of All Systems) allows me to understand how the healthcare and technology fields work as separate entities. The technology that All Systems sets up at hospitals, such as Children's Mercy Hospital and North Kansas City Hospital, works together with software that Sphere3 provides to better help nursing leaders. Also, I gained an understanding of how those entities can work together to increase safety and efficiency for schools and universities, government buildings, corporations and places of worship.

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