Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Time I Became the Entire Marketing Department

By Sarah Basler, Senior, Marketing Major

Currently, I am a marketing intern for a commercial realty company that operates around Kansas City. My role as marketing intern involves assisting the Marketing and Communications Director with creative writing, graphic design, and various other tasks in the marketing department.

Recently, my boss informed she would be heading to Cancun, Mexico for a quick getaway. While I was super excited for my boss to have the opportunity to escape and get some sun, I was also nervous about her leaving. My company is a fairly flat firm meaning, that each department is small without many levels of seniority. Because of this, my boss leaving meant that half of the marketing department was gone. The remaining half was me. There is no better test of strength than being thrown in the deep end to see if you can swim. I was about the face that challenge.

The days went by without my boss and everything went smoothly. Because I had been detail-oriented while my boss was training me, I was pretty comfortable with the day-to-day tasks of the job. A unique part of my job is graphic design. I often create brochures using InDesign, a program I just recently learned to operate. When my boss was gone, I was asked by a Broker to create a brochure, email blast for a mass audience, and website posting for a new development site the company is working on. I successfully completed the tasks as asked and consulted with the Brokers and Project Managers for any assistance. It was cool to be challenged in that way and it helped me to gain significant confidence in my position. While I resume my role as marketing intern this week and my boss returns from her vacation, I take with me the skills I learned from working independently.

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