Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Your Email Storage is Full

By Miranda Curry, Senior, Mathematics Major
I find it surprising how much time people spend on their emails every day at work. When my mentor comes up to me and asks me, “What did you do yesterday” and I reply saying I checked my email, it sounds like a very unproductive day. However, checking email really can be a very tasking project to do every day.

As of this morning, my email storage space was 95% full after just 6 months of work. The next 8 hours were spent going through just one of my folders to try to clear up some space, and now I’m about down to 80% storage used. It just seems crazy to me how much time we waste reading pointless or irrelevant emails, to the point where my job has monthly webinars about how to manage your email more efficiently and how to properly send emails. I also find it interesting how some people don’t pay attention to their emails and either delete them automatically without reading them or just let them pile up until there’s 18,000 unread emails in your inbox.

I saw a post the other day that said when email was first invented, there was a happy greeting associated with receiving an email (You’ve got mail!). Now, email is treated more as a chore, something that people avoid or dread checking simply because of the massive amount of time it takes. As an intern, I love checking my email and going through every link and article sent to me because I am still new to everything and it gives me a sense of importance. However, I can see how this will eventually wear down over time. I’m glad that email platforms like Outlook are coming out with new features to help email organization and to help important emails show through mountains of clutter.

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